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Vilentia's change

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Brigadier Commando

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 09, 2006 4:43 am    Post subject: Vilentia's change Reply with quote

Last night, I respecced out of my Subtle template into this. After doing that I picked up Wirt's Third Leg... you bunch of pervs... and gave it a whirl.

I stepped over to the Hinterlands to pick up some griffon feathers for a quest and stumbled on a 38 mage... easy pickings for my Ambush build so I figured I'd give it a go with the mace. I whomped him easy.

Next comes a 40 Warlock with his 49 Warlock friend. I sap the 49 and pummel the 40 into oblivion. After restealthing, I rock the other warlock (thanks to a well timed Blind and procced stuns) with minimal damage. Awesome! So I resume my feather gathering and notice the same two warlocks start in on a couple of 38's (paladin and mage) and as I came in on the 49, I see a rogue (45) jumps out of the shadows and hits the mage. After taking out the 'lock I turn my sights on the other 'lock and got a nice run of stun procs that pretty much stun-locked him. The rogue was taken out by the paladin though.

Shortly afterwards, I see the three mount up and start to head out but they leave in a staggered column which left the Rogue alone in the back and a bludgeon bag. I restealth expecting the 'locks to come back, but they didn't... they were busy fighting the Pally and Mage again. So I stroll up in time to see the 49 'lock leaving his 40 friend behind in a hasty retreat. When he get's just far enough ahead, I mount up and took up the chase! I found him a short distance away bandaging and didn't see me stealth. I creeped up to him as he was summoning his pet and BLAP! pummelled him into a bloody pulp.

I was able to get the Rogue one more time when he respawned at the camp where the mage and pally stayed. 8 kills with no deaths on me. Maces are teh cool. I can't wait to get my second mace!

This will be my new final talent build if I end up liking the maces as much as I have thus far.
Come join the fun! League of Legends is a MMOAG that is both free to get, but free to play!

DEATHFORCE: There are certainly crazy things you can do with this game, you can generate a world that is 3 times the size of earth before it starts having errors, although I dont know how long it would take to generate a world that large anyways lol

TRASSIN: I'm guessing about 21 days? Assuming you take a break every 7th day or so.
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