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Brigadier Commando
Brigadier Commando

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2005 10:58 am    Post subject: Unbe-friggin-lievable! Reply with quote

If you are a Guild Master and decide to give a member the axe, you best hold on to your ass before it get defiled by the ALA (Armchair Lawyers of America).

I'm sure there are literally hundreds of others posting on this.

Gist for those who don't want to read it:

Gurubashi Server. Crescent Moon Clan Guild. GM is one Genocide.
Apparently some point before a raid, the GM informs the guild of a requirement to use Ventrillo (some voice-chat program). One of the guild members is apparently deaf and thus can't use it. GM says it's too bad for him. Some of the guildies friends jump to his defense and offer a way to help him by being an interpreter. GM gets pissed and /gkick the deaf member and his defenders.

Now, I find this just plain phuqued up and think the GM is a l0x0rz, but it IS within his right, as the Guild Master, to conduct his guild as he pleases including dumping anyone he doesn't want in his guild for any reason. Most of these posts are attempts to get Blizzard to take action against this character/player... as if the character will ever stop living this down. Some of Blizzard's MVPs (read Forum Mods) have responded saying nothing is going to happen because nothing has occured that violates the ToS... which I agree with 100%. Genocide (ironic, no?) has pretty much just ran his character and reputation in the ground for those with any moral fiber, but who cares? It's HIS guild!
Come join the fun! League of Legends is a MMOAG that is both free to get, but free to play!

DEATHFORCE: There are certainly crazy things you can do with this game, you can generate a world that is 3 times the size of earth before it starts having errors, although I dont know how long it would take to generate a world that large anyways lol

TRASSIN: I'm guessing about 21 days? Assuming you take a break every 7th day or so.
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